Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hybrid Theory

My wife told me last night that she was jealous of me becouse I was needed as a tank and when Im not needed to tank I can switch over to the dps role and still do an awesome job. She on the other hand is a healer. She likes to heal, but she wants the option of doing some DPS when there are more healers then needed.

I have my feral druid. (Best IMO) hybrid out there when it comes to DPS/Tank. What I want to know is what class can pick up the DPS/healer role or the Healer/tank role.

Well lets look class by class at the hybrids available.

Dreamstate/Healing touch

What this build loses from a strait DPS is. 10% of spell bonus, 5% crit, 4% hit, and no stun chance on starfire.

What does it lose from a strait healer? Swiftmend, 20% bonus on Hots, 50% crit on regrowth, 15% stronger rejuv, and tree form.

This seems like a strong option to me. still have good DPS and have a strong healing touch. you lose the tree's effect to keep alot of sustained healing up over a long period of time.


Not using shadow as a DPS priest is the loss here. I dont really know the damage a smite build can put out. Im sure that with the right group it can be deacent though.


This biuld looks like it could be fun, loses very little healing. mostly things that make casting your off spells cheaper. you gain some good dps using holy shock as your main DPS staple.



Seems to me that you need to go deep into a tree to get the most out of it. resto looked better. There is nothing I can see missing from the resto tree and what you gain in resto may be enough to make up what you miss in elemental even when in DPS mode. Resto adds to damage, adds to hit, and gives you abilities to get aound annoyances like silence.

Any other ideas out there?


Anonymous said...

The druid build needs work. Check the druid wiki for more info. Most importantly, you left off moonkin form, which is a HUGE defense buff and +5% crit. Why be squishy?

Xanathos said...

moonkin changes the spec completely from a Hybrid to a DPS. you cant heal while in moonkin form. Then again the idea is to switch gear depending on the needs of the group, so maybe moonkin has room.

And yes all the builds need work