Thursday, January 31, 2008

What do you like about your class.

The question has been thrown out and answered by many of the bloggers over the past week. And I agree with many of them. But I also have my own take on why I love being a druid. This isn't a strait forward answer as why do you like being a druid but why do you like being a healer/bear/cat/dps caster.


Lets start with my favorite role. I love to tank, as could probably be seen by my site name and such. Why do I love to tank?

1) people depend on me. The squishies would be nothing without a ball of fur or a shield between them and the meanies.

2) I dont have to hold back, I dont have to be careful like all the DPSers in the group. I can go balls to the wall all run long only stopping long enough for the healer to regen mana. and often times I just innervate them and keep going anyway.

3) swipe, The ability to tank more then one mob at a time. mmm good!

What attracted me to Druid in the first place was the slick stylin kitty form.

1) high Dps, When not needed to tank I can put on my dps set and deal damage on par with the other dpsers in the group. or I can keep my tanking gear on just in case and go at about 90%.

2) stealth, I love the idea of stealthing past content I simply dont want to do. especially cool in world quests where I can stealth to the guy, kill, and stealth away.

3) Things just die. I kill faster as a cat then any other character, maybe becouse Im better geared then any other of my chars but things just die around me.

yep we can do this too.

1) NO DOWNTIME while questing (in feral form that is).

2) our heals accent the heals already going on in the group when a little bit more is needed. I pop out of cat and help heal the raid during fights like grull after a bad shatter or whatnot.

3) rebirth! oh crap the rogue is down, we dont have an interupt for the healer. ok, np I'll pick them up.

Caster DPS
moonfire spam FTW!

1) barkskin/hurricane

2) roots & sleep, who just CCed that add? oh it was the druid. Druids have cc? yes, sometimes we do.

3) Moonkin, next week in kara I think Im going to respec as a moonkin and not tell them untill we get to attumen. gotta gear up some first I guess. thats one way to get to tank as a moonkin, just not let them know you arent a bear untill it's too late to stop you.

What else?
That not all we have going for us.

1) Flight form, travel form instant speed traveling buff. nothing not to love.

2) snare free, shifting removes snares/roots.

3) cure poisons and curses.

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