Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I avoid money grinding like it's the plague. I've done only dailys that I find fun and havent done them repeatedly. I dont even think I have them all opened up. I generally horde or use any mats I come accross. But it's time for me to break down and start saving up for my epic flight form.

So, now I need to find my cash crop. Im a skinning/miner. I could fly around mining, Adamantite ore sells for about 1g a piece on the low end. Or I could send the ore to my jewelcrafter to prospect he doesnt have any good patterns yet but he is working on it. I could go farm primals during off peak hours I could net 3-4 primal fire in about an hour or about 5 shadow. I could then change some of those into shadow cloth which sell for around 40g each as my lock is a shadow tailor. I could go farm hides, but which ones?

Right now Im trying the auction house while I look for my cash crop. I'm buying prismatic shards for around 20g and reselling them for 25 in the AH giving me 23.75g for a profit of 3.75 gold. Im currently juggeling about 30 of them, I started with 8 on sunday. I need to find a better item as many people seem to be doing the same thing I am, but this one is easy to watch the market on.

Anyhow, wish me luck. Have any suggestions, please leave a comment.


tkc said...

I have a hunter with skinning and leatherworking as profs. Leatherworking simply does not make money so skinning is his best bet. The trouble is, the stuff that is really worth it is a slow grind.
FWIW, I find these to be my top sellers.
Cobra Scales:
You skin them off the Coilskar Cobras in Shadowmoon Valley. On my server they sell for about 20g each. I know, you're probably thinking, "YES!!! What a cash crop!!!" Well, not quite. There are not that many Cobras to kill and the skin rate is super low. Like 5%. You can get them. You just can't get alot of them quickly.

Thick Clefthoof Leather:
You skin these off the Clefthoof Bulls in Nagrand. They are easy enough to find and the skin rate is not too bad. Maybe 33%. I can usually get 3-4g each for them on my realm.

Nether Dragonscales:
I've never actually tried this but I've been told it is a good money maker. Check your local AH to see if it is worth it.

Heavy Knothide Leather:
Super easy to farm but you need to find a LW to make them for you. 5 knothide leather = 1 heavy knothide leather. I can usually sell them for about 3-4g each. If I can, I'll play the AH with this. If knothide leather is going for 8g/stack and heavy knothide leather is going for 4g each then I buy the former and convert it to the latter. Of course, you need have leather working to do this.

Hope this helps.

Xanathos said...

thank you very much for the tips. I have maxed out leatherworking but never really use it as a cash generating tool. I only have really used it to help my wife's leatherworking and to get match for my heavy clefthoof. maybe I'll farm some of these and see how it goes.

tkc said...

I went and farmed up some Nether Dragonscales. I got 16 of them. I forgot to time how long it took but it wasn't much. I'll guess 30 minutes or so.
I had 15 in my inventory so I filled out a 20 stack with them.
On my realm they go for 3g50s each. So I put the 20 stack in AH for 65g. I hope it sells.

Epic leatherworking patterns use these in large numbers.

I'll let you know if they sell. If they do then this is a fairly easy cash crop.

tkc said...

They sold.

Then the price fell through the floor. I sold a second stack of Nether Dragonscales for 50g.

Interestingly enough, when I logged on Sunday night a got a whisper asking if I had any more. So this might be a decent cash crop.

I farmed up 10 in about 30 minutes. The nice thing is that the mobs can be found just south of Toshley's Station which is convienent for me, being Alliance. If you run out of mobs then go just a little bit east to Death's Door and farm the demons for Aldor rep items. Even if you're not Aldor, they sell pretty good and you get coin and netherweave cloth to boot. So there are two good farming areas right next to each other.