Tuesday, January 22, 2008

ZA bear boss

Successfully tanked this past weekend by myself and another feral druid. Let me start by saying, "I love his fight!" The whole concept of the warrior/druid is nice and tanking him as a druid I just find funny. We wiped a few times but it went fairly smoothly for my first time there and my guilds second downing of him. We didnt beat the timer, but maybe next time.


Tips for the bear boss:
As a tank you are given a roll to tank either the humanoid form or the bear form. you will trade taunts/growls to get aggro.

1) Get your aggro as soon as he changes form follow up with your high aggro moves as quickly as possible. you need to put yourself at 110+% of the other tanks aggro as quickly as possible.

2) when it's not your turn to tank take off auto attack and do nothing for 15-30 seconds. Pretty much untill your other tank has your aggro down to 80% of theirs. When they have aggro solid go back to auto attacking.

3) when it's not your turn to tank use demo roar and FFF. let the other tank worry mostly about the pure aggro moves and keep these debuffs on. every little bit helps. keep lacerate up too, but dont spam it.

4) trinkets help. use any defencive trinkets when the silence goes off, this is when I used my frenzied regen too. every little bit helps.

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