Thursday, January 17, 2008

Raging Ball of Fur!

Tanks generally know this: Rage is needed to deal damage, damage is needed to keep threat, threat is needed to keep damage incoming, damage incoming is needed to get rage. What does this mean? this means I want to take damage and/or deal damage. Please dont prevent me from being damaged. lessen the damage (agil & armor buffs) sure, but dont stop it.


Priests: dont cast power word shield on me when I dont have rage. this is typically done at the beginning of the fight. dont do it! untill I have 70+ rage I dont want you to put this on me unless it's an emergency. if this happens too much I will be dispelling your shields and it will simply be mana wasted. I dont want to work against you please work with me.

Stunners: rogues, druids, palys, the list goes on. Dont stun at the beginning of a fight! I have been guilty of this in the past. I figured that stunning my opponent would help the healer not have to heal as much and we could have a few seconds to beat on the guy. This is true, but if you stun and you and another dps then go all out and I cant becouse I dont have rage I wont keep aggro. use your stuns once the target will be close to dead when it wears off (10% or less after the stun) or when there is extra mobs around and all positioning has already been done by the tank.

CC: let me tank what I can. If I can tank 3 guys without trouble then we dont need to CC them.

Off tanks: just becouse you can off tank (many off tanks think they can tank more then they can) doesnt mean you need to. it's better to down the main target first. if you are called to off tank then it should be assigned to you, dont tank what you arent supposed to unles the main tank falls. off tanks often hurt the healer more then they help as they give 2 targets that need to be healed now instead of just one. also it hurts the main tank if you are tanking something you arent supposed to and he doesnt realize you are doing it on purpose as he will make a move to get aggro back and likely lose aggro on what he is supposed to be tanking. If you are an off tank that needs to be taking hits (such as a warrior needing extra rage) let the main tank know so he can give you a target to off tank.

Everyone Dont hit the target or do any aggro generating moves before combat is fully engaged!!! cant stand it when someone hits the taget while its on the way to me. renew type spells hurt this way too. aggro goes strait to the threat generator before Ive even been hit. since I havent been hit I dont have any rage, since I dont have rage I cant generate any threat, game over.

Everyone: Stick to the dps order!! if I lose threat on the main target and he will be dead within the next few seconds I will switch to the next to get a head start on threat with him. start attacking him next!! dont worry about what Im attacking if Im not attacking the next target or the main target Im doing my job and keeping aggro off the healer. I need to change targets and toss threat moves on them. I understand AOE attacks (esp from rogues and warriors) help out your dps and will try to make them work but focus most of your attacks on the main target.

Till next time may those who need rage have it!


Peashooter said...

Really random comment:

There used to be someone in my guild on Nordrassil named Xanathose.... lol, what a coincidence.

Xanathos said...

it's not me. Xanathos is a pretty popular name. I stole it from a friend on another game I played. I hear it came from a book, but not one Ive ever read. There are currently 5 level 70 Xanathos according to the armory.