Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who is in your group?

When moving to 25 man raids, one needs to step back and look at who you like to have in your party. Each class has synergy with other classes to a huge degree, while other classes being in the group may help out but not to the same extent. For example it would be a waste to have a moonkin giving a 5% spell crit buff to a group of melee.

One of the reasons I bring this up is sometimes I feel that there is a better place for a character in a group. often times it seems like spec is not taken into account as well. You should know you class and know what other classes work well in a group with you. so make the suggestion to the raid maker if you dont see synergy between the groups. This is mainly for 25 mans where we have a variety of people and more then 2 groups to put them in but can be followed to a degree in 10 mans. (example casters in one group melee/hunters in the other)


I play a feral druid, my biggest buff is leader of the pack and improved leader of the pack. between the 2 that gives +5crit and a heal when you crit based on your max health with a 6 second cooldown on it. I feel becouse of this ability the feral druid is a class that a group can be built around.

I like the following people in my party:

The tank: assuming Im not the tank, I want him in my party (or another where he gets the same buffs). esp if he is a prot warrior as he should be almost constantly hitting his target. the extra 5% crit will add to his threat and the heals will stealth heal him without me doing anything for a good deal of health over the course of a fight. Ive seen numbers around 10% of the MT's heals come from ILotP.

A beast mastery hunter: (41/20/0) There is so much synergy between a feral druid and BM hunter. When the hunter crits he deals more damage then a normal crit and gives his pet 50 focus which the pet can turn into 2 claw attacks (each with a chance to crit). when the pet crits he enters into a frenzy making him hit faster, also he puts a buff on the entire group that lets them deal an extra 3% damage. in the group with LotP that should be a high damage group, so adding another 3% puts it that much further over the top.

A fury warrior: When a fury warrior crits he goes into a flurry as well, this increases the effect of a simple critical hit a ton. He also has his battleshouts which are more powerful then others who dont go down the fury tree. I prefer the attack power buff myself as I get more from attack power then most other people whereas I dont multiply the health buff any.

An enhancement shaman: Same as the warrior entering a flurry when he crits. A good shaman will also put down agility and str enhancing totems buffing the party that much more. Also they have the tremor totem which is a blessing against my biggest weakness.

marksman hunters: They do more damage on crits (I think 230% normal VS 200% if the talent isnt taken). Also trueshot aura is good as this is a melee group. but honestly if there is a group with a shadow priest the MM hunter is better off there as they can then use their abilities more often without worrying about mana.

Rogue: I think some rogues also get the benifite of doing extra damage on a crit. also rogues simply do a ton of damage. the ability to vanish off threat is nice as well.

healaladin: I like protection aura, but I think its somewhat over rated. Not that it's not great but I think others need an aura more and that the paly itself would be better off in a group where it's getting benifites itself such as with a mana streaming shammy or shadow priest, or in a party with a elemental shamy or moonkin buffing its crit rating. I just feel that if you arent attacking in my party you are taking dps and heals away from someone who is.

This whole thing of course does not take into effect player skill. If a player is unwilling to watch/shed aggro I'd rather keep him out of the group where he is going to get buffs from others that will increase it all together (more likely out of the raid all together).

Watch your groups when raiding, your raid leaders dont know everything and the good ones are always open to suggestion.

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