Monday, January 14, 2008


My guild members accuse me of having Alt-itis. I activly play at least 4 chracters at a given time. Currently are my main character with end game elements (druid), my warrior (60) who is leveling with my wife's priest, my healadin (35) becouse the guild needs more healers and I am not respecing Xana, my rogue (52) to get up in levels so I can cut jewels for the guild (human for rep gain), and Ive just made a hunter (16). Also most of my characters level with another character of my wife's.

I like playing multiple rolls and honestly feel that I get a better feel for the game playing as many characters as possible. playing a healadin has shown me the strengths and weaknesses of the class and Ive been able to pass on knowledge I'd not have seen if I hadnt played the class. Ive learned more about DPS and specifically threat by playing my tank.

I also get looked at by many people for advice as I spend alot more time online reading blogs or messageboards then my friends. So, part of leveling up these characters is simply to have something to back up my advice.

This is not something new that I started when I started playing WOW. Every game Ive played as many characters as they give us room to create on a server. this is the first of many games that Ive hit (hell even come close to) the leveling cap. I dont mind, it's how I like to play, it's part of who I am.

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