Saturday, January 5, 2008

What a week

wendsday is the begining of kara for our guild, this week. I let our main guild tank fight though Attumen & Midnight as he still needs a drop there (he's been killing them for months and still hasnt gotten something, wow). They take him down (still didnt get his drop) and onto Moroes. He tags me in and we down moroes on the second try, first try he had garroted both our healers and they couldnt keep themselves and the tanks up. Zierhut's Lost Treads dropped replacing my Heavy Clefthoof Boots once i get the def somewhere else to keep myself uncritable. Then on to opera where we downed big bad wolf (again the second try, first a few people didnt understand as it was their first trip). We called it there for the night.


At least we stopped kara, my wife managed to convice one of our healers to do heroic SV. We picked up 2 more dps (wife is a hunter) and got started at this point it's midnight. 3 hours later SV is clear. it's now 3 am and I have to get up at 5 for work ....

Next day I ask about the kara run tonight and an informed that the morning crew got us to shade. uhg, thats not going to get me the Gauntlets of Malorne I want. oh well, I decided to run heroic SP instead. again about 3 hours later it's clear, I got Midnight Legguards for my dps set. I now have 200 rep left for exalted rep. tracked down a handful of coildfang armaments and got my earthwarden. not only that but i have 35 badges and turn them in to get Band of the Swift Paw.

Friday night comes around. Grull!!! now our guild has been going to grull on fridays for about 3-4 weeks. last week we were able to down high king, but we werent 100% guildies we had some outsiders from an allied guild. This week we downed the crew with 100% mystic knights. I tanked the guy on the far left as you look at them. I pulled him into the corner right by where he stands. our first try we downed all but the high king himself who we had at 20 something %. a few bad pulls and then a successful run came. Advice for this fight is easy, tank who you are told to, dont melee the mage, watch out for whirlwind once you are attacking high king. Mantle of Malorne is my reward for the night.

So this week Ive gone from 0 epics on my gear (I dont count the healing epic idol I got a few weeks ago becouse i was the only druid) to 4 on my tanking gear and 5 on my dps gear. what a week!

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